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[ A good 30 seconds of silence before "Uh..." followed immediately the "Leave your message" beep. ]
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
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Let's cover the basics.

Physical contact with Junseo is fine, whether it's bumping into him, hugging him, or punching him in the face. That can be assumed without running it by me.

Serious bodily injury and/or death I'd like to be asked about first. This is my only real exception.

This also doubles as an opt out for any discussions on certain aspects of Junseo's backstory. He's a former drug addict, and a teenager in a romantic relationship with an adult man. If you'd prefer to avoid having these issues brought up while talking to him, or would prefer not to interact with him at all because of them I completely understand. Just comment here to let me know!
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
08/04/20 08:25 pm
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
03/24/17 10:12 pm
Only a couple months into his own future, after being evicted from his apartment. He only has a short period of walking the streets before he is attacked by a vampire named Xiaomei, transformed into one, and left to wake up on his own in an unfamiliar hotel with no clue as to what he had become. Shortly afterwards he found a couple and let his confusion and bloodlust get the better of him, attacking the man, but not killing him. Frightened by his own actions he ran to find a hiding space in an alleyway as he crouched, covered in a strangers blood, and trying to understand what was happening to him.

The first 12 comments of this thread cover the rest of time up to his new, updated canon point (please don't mind the comm name, the thread is clean). The basic summary is a vampire named Jaehyun finds Junseo and takes him back to his windowless warehouse, and tells Junseo that it is his new home.

Junseo comes from the moment before Jaehyun drops the "V" bomb, and would be arriving back in the game confused and still covered in blood.

His personality will not change much, but he will be severely shaken up by the event, and more nervous and less trusting than he was prior to the canon update.

Power Update:

Vampirism: This umbrella includes heightened senses, increased speed, strength, and durability. The need to drink human blood to remain functional. A noticeable lack of a heartbeat. Very fast healing, and near invulnerability (but if someone really wanted to take him out they could completely devour his body. It would taste horrific, but it'd keep him from immediately regenerating). Glamouring... technically... Junseo tends to melt people's minds with attempts, so while the power is technically glamouring it should be called "horrible death" in his case (he will not be using it). The inability to enter buildings considered homes or dwellings without an invitation first. Invitations later rescinded while Junseo is in the residency will cause him to bleed from every open hole in his body until he is nothing but a puddle of blood and ash on the floor. Coincidentally, he would have that problem when stepping into sunlight as well, except...

Invulnerability to the Sun: A power literally everyone else in the world already has. Sunlight will not negatively affect Junseo, despite his vampire nature.
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
08/03/15 04:26 pm
- Primarily in pill form (cut/watered down), comes in an injectable liquid form as well.
- There is no resistance build up. No matter how often the drug is used you'll never have to take larger doses to feel the same effect.
- Short term side effects
• Intense/immediate feelings of euphoria
• Dulls pain/confuses senses
• First hour, upper. Increased energy, and upswing in the mood. Chattiness. Increased sex drive.
• Trouble focusing, friendly demeanor, easily placated, good mood, easily amused.
• Next two things begin to take a downturn. Rapid drop in energy. Numbed pain and physical sensation. Relaxed, sluggish behavior.
• First hour, physically warm feeling initially, following by the body cooling down in the next two (lowered body temperature in some cases), roughly three hours after taking the drug an intense cold feeling.
• Immediate effects after coming down from a high include chills, headaches, and nausea.
- Long term effects
• Health risks in the rapid rise and fall of body temperature/heart rate.
• Possible long term heart problems later in life
- Withdrawal
• Actual physical dependency
• Anxiety/Increased agitation/Insomnia/Depression
• Tremors/Chills/Intense muscle aches/Intense stomach aches/Vomiting
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
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NAME: Leigh
AGE: 24
JOURNAL: [personal profile] plonks
IM / EMAIL: Noondayclock // ffPyro@gmail.com
PLURK: [plurk.com profile] jhope
RETURNING: Yes, 1 - Yang Kangmo

CANON ORIGIN: Strictly original
CHRONOLOGY: After Jin Jinseok has been missing for about a month
CLASS: Pretty darn neutral, maybe some accidental villain leanings. Does Grade D Villain work?
HOUSING: Opt in for random housing.

BACKGROUND: The year is 2032, the world really hasn't changed as much as you might want it to. Wars are still going on, class disparity still wages havoc in many countries, Group A hates Group B for various reasons, but hey people are a lot less likely to die from cancer now! Medical advances keep on keeping on, and diseases that were only just started to be properly treated in the year 2015 are now very manageable. The internet is faster, technology is more convenient than ever, and more magazines print self indulgent articles about how this newest generation is the most selfish generation of all times, while using up as many resources as possible to make sure those after them can't have them! A little different, a lot the same.

There's a big difference on the drug scene though, especially in the country of South Korea, a country whose restrictive drug laws and relatively harsh punishments for drug violations kept it pretty clean on a world wide scale. The introduction of Sanguine changed that, however. While it's still not used wide spread in the country itself, South Korea is by far the biggest exporter, and plenty of people have decided to get in on the drug trade, even though bringing it out of the country is a risky business and a good number of the people doing it get caught.

It's a good deal though, and always in high demand, considering the physical addiction that goes hand and hand with it. You see, Sanguine can be a nasty little thing, while it at first lifts up the mood for awhile, causes immediate euphoria, extra gabbing, and a little boost to the sex drive; it eventually takes a turn down, dropping the temperature of the body and heart rate to a nice relaxed chill (literally). The problem isn't the fact that it acts as both an immediate upper and a later downer (though there are some long term unfortunate heart problems that go along with that), the problem is the withdrawal people get from it later. Headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, chills, tremors, and an intense pain that you can feel right down in the bone, all a nice little added addition to trying to kick the habit. And the worst part? Sanguine doesn't cause the body to build up resistance over time, so there's no need to take more with each pill popped. It's a cost effective drug to keep yourself hooked on.

It's also got an unusual origin. You see, most drugs are chemically based, or have some sort of plant life tossed in there. Sanguine, on the other hand, comes from blood; vampire blood, to be more specific.

Yes, it's that kind of world.

While the general populace doesn't know a thing about vampires, there are enough people in the know to pull a little blood here and there to keep the drug in stock, after all it only takes a little to make a heaping handful of pills (they are still cut with other things, just like any drug). So vampires take blood from people to live, are snatched up by people daring enough to try to take down a vampire, and in turn their blood goes right back into the human system. It's almost poetic, no?

No, not really. But whether it is or not doesn't matter much, because for the time being this story isn't even about them. It's all about a sixteen year old boy named Jang Junseo, and how he got dragged into the world of drug trafficking.

Honestly, up to this point Junseo's story isn't as thrilling as you might hope in a world of heavy drug use and vampires. He was a normal boy of below average intelligence, born to parents of above average intelligence, who were a little let down by the fact that their son didn't take after them. Maybe it wasn't Junseo's fault though, maybe it was the fact that his older brother, Junhyung, was bordering on genius and took all the brains before his baby brother could even be conceived.

Either way, the family dynamics according to their father worked out like this: Junhyung was their father's golden child capable of no wrong, the good boy that brought home good grades, and was already making connections with movers and shakers in important companies. He was going to be a SKY graduate for sure, definitely on the right track to get into Seoul University, and make his family proud. Junseo was his father's failure, the idiot that spent most of his time at PC rooms playing online games with his friends, barely managing to scrape by his classes, and failing to grasp even the most simple of concepts in life.

The family dynamics according to their mother were a little different: Junhyung was a good, smart boy. A respectable young man that brought home sweet girls, and treated them well, waiting until marriage to so much as lay a hand on them. He had drive, and ambition, and was bound for a good school, and a lucrative company job. Junseo, on the other hand, was a sweet and hard working boy that just struggled to focus on his school work. He was a good kid, and well intentioned, but he wasn't cut out for a life of study. The worry was that he wouldn't make it far in life, but his personality was good, and someone would surely like him enough to take him under their wing, and teach him a useful trade that would get him a job he could live with.

The reality was this: Junhyung was a schmoozer who was good with words, and good at tricking the people around him into thinking he was an upstanding young man. He was smart, and his grades were good, but he was more interested in keeping them up for appearance than for the sake of learning. The girls he brought back with him were good girls, but he wanted to have sex with them, and when he got bored of them he'd cut them loose as carefully as possible to avoid looking like the bad guy, even though he'd just been using them the entire time. He was disdainful of anyone he considered dumber than he was, but at the same time considered most people dumber than him. His little brother earned an extra heaping of scorn and malice, and was the only one in the family to regularly see Junhyung's murky true colors. Junseo also wasn't as great as his mother wanted to believe. He was an idiot, plain and simple. He would try to study, but would get bored and do something else instead, he never pushed himself to try harder, and was apathetic to a lot of things he didn't find fun. He was well liked by his friends, but not particularly pleasant to be around people he didn't have many feelings for. He wasn't an altruistic boy in the slightest, and unless someone close to him was struggling, would only lend a hand if there was a problem directly in front of him that he couldn't ignore. He didn't like to be involved with other people's affairs, and didn't really like people poking into his business either. So while his older brother was secret maliciousness wrapped up in pleasantries, Junseo was not a bad kid, but not a particularly good kid either.

Not exactly the most ideal family in the world, but they made it work. While Junhyung and their father regularly made Junseo feel like shit, his mother was there to coddle and care for him, and in turn Junseo dotted on her. While the dynamics took their toll on Junseo's self-esteem, he was still happy enough with his life.

Until Junseo was at the young age of fourteen, and his older brother mysteriously went missing.

The circumstances were strange, while Junhyung had been acting slightly out of sorts before disappearing, he was still the same fake likable person he'd been before, and the only person that ever seemed to complain about him was his little brother, Junseo. Loved by his parents, teachers, and peers, there was no reason anyone could see that Junhyung had gone missing, especially since he'd already finished up his college entrance exams, and was just waiting to hear back on the results. Days went by, then weeks, police searches turned up nothing, and neighbors began to whisper amongst themselves about Junhyung's strange disappearance.

It took a good month of this before Junseo finally realized they were whispering about him. Whenever he would walk down the street the chatter immediately stopped, throats were cleared, and faces turned away. It was bad enough at home, but soon people at school started treating him the same way. Classmates that had never paid much attention to him before now actively avoided him when they saw him walking by, and even his friends seemed to always have an excuse as to why they couldn't spend time with him after school.

However, the breaking point was when his nervous mother and tense father pulled him aside one day to ask Junseo what he knew about his brother's disappearance.

Nothing. Nothing at all. He swore it up and down, and when his father began to get angrier, Junseo became more frantic, and his mother became hysterical enough that the conversation ended. He was sent to his room, but he heard them talking in hushed voices for almost two hours before they went to bed.

It was then that Junseo decided to leave.

He'd never been good at dealing with judgment, and even though it was true that he didn't know what happened to Junhyung, he couldn't think of a way to make people believe him. Clearly the best solution was to pack up a backpack full of food and hit the streets.

This, as it turned out, was actually the worst idea Junseo could have ever had. He had no idea where to go, he didn't have friends or family to turn to that wouldn't immediately turn him back over to his parents, so Junseo began to live on the streets. There were places he could check in for free for the night, but he was so afraid of someone finding a lone teenage suspicious that he avoided it. He instead took to sleeping in the cleanest looking alleyways he could find, and avoiding the larger, intimidating looking men out there. He'd been pushed around, chased off, and even mugged at one point for the little bit of spare cash a woman had given him in a fit of sympathy. It wasn't a great condition, but he saw his fifteenth birthday come and go while living those few months on the streets.

He moved from place to place frequently to avoid most confrontations, but it still wasn't until one day he woke up to an old man peeing on his face that Junseo decided that maybe this wasn't the best lifestyle. Later that day a man found him and offered him a job.

The man didn't give him his own name, and he didn't give him too many details on the job, but he made it clear even to a dim bulb like Junseo that the job he was going to receive wasn't, strictly speaking, even a little bit legal. He took him to a beautiful upscale hotel, and for the first time in ages Junseo became aware of how dirty and unpleasant smelling he'd gotten. It was made worse when he was introduced to his new employer, a man named Jin Jinseok.

Jinseok's immediate reaction to Junseo was to recoil with disgust. The boy looked filthy, and reeked from the unwanted urine bath earlier that day, but he still whisked him up to his penthouse apartment, had him cleaned up, and once the dirt was washed off deemed him appropriately pretty to keep.

Jinseok was a fan of beautiful people, and made it a strange hobby of his to make the faces he found pretty happy, that meant that for the first time in a long time Junseo felt genuinely cherished and cared for, even if the reasons behind it were shallow at best.

Jinseok was also a coordinator, a coordinator of drug mules, to be specific. And that's where Junseo came in. The job was risky, and the chances of him getting caught where high, especially considering the fact that Junseo was not the best in the world at thinking on his feet, but Junseo's other options where either going back on the streets (awful), or going home (unthinkable at this point), so he took the job.

The training was easy, the pay was great, and in his year as a drug mule Junseo became a world traveler. He saw countries he'd never even dreamed of visiting, got to rub elbows with wealthy people, and while he had a couple close calls with the police, Jinseok was just a phone call away from somehow magically fixing everything with his silver tongue.

Junseo was happy with his new, exciting lifestyle. Junseo was also happy with his new boyfriend, and label he'd decided to apply to his and Jinseok's relationship, despite the six year age gap that put Jinseok well above the acceptable age for him to be dating. But Junseo wanted the praise and adoration that Jinseok gave him, and Jinseok seemed to find the kid endearing enough to let him get away with the title.

Junseo also discovered a second love while under Jinseok's tutelage; Sanguine. The idea of actually taking the product he was transporting wouldn't have even occurred to Junseo if Jinseok hadn't started offering it to him. And while he might not have been jumping at the bit to get started on it, he also took what was given to him with no hesitation. He liked the way it made him feel at first, happy and light headed, and like he was the most interesting person in the room, his insecurities washed away for a few hours with just one little pill. He couldn't think of anything better! And Jinseok kept him with such a steady supply that it was a long, long time before he experienced anything like a withdrawal.

During this time Jinseok also set Junseo up with his own apartment, paid for by unknown sources that Junseo would probably never meet, but also never question. It was small, but clean, and provided him with everything he could possibly need. Including an elderly neighbor who began to watch after him.

Ms. Seo was a gruff character, and when Junseo wanted to spend time around her she didn't let him get away with a lot. If he offered to help her with household chores she would scold him if he did something wrong. If she didn't like the way he was carrying himself she'd hit the back of his calves hard with her the cane she would walk with on her bad arthritis days, to make sure he straightened himself out. She kept him in line for the most part, but she also offered him a kind of affection that Jin Jinseok did not.

While Jinseok was quick to praise Junseo's appearance, Ms. Seo was slow to praise anything he did at all, but when he did something right the words she offered for his accomplishments meant more than a thousand comments Jinseok could make about his face. He felt genuinely content is the presence of the old woman, and while she began to think of him as a sort of grandson, having cut ties with her own child and grandchildren years ago, Junseo began developing genuine feelings for a woman far, far too old for him.

He never made a move on her. Even in her youth she would not have been an attractive woman, much less at the age she was now, and his feelings were never sexual. But there was still a strange tightening in his chest when he was around her, something he didn't understand, but Jinseok seemed to when Junseo explained it to him. Jinseok was a petty, possessive man, and did that he could to keep his mule away from the old woman. He didn't like the idea of losing a fight between some geriatric biddy that neither Junseo or Ms. Seo were aware was going on.

So Jinseok cut Junseo off, and for the first time in his life Junseo experienced Sanguine withdrawals.

The pain was terrible, but the realization of what he'd done to himself by getting himself hooked on this was worse. Ms. Seo had never liked seeing him high before, so after the first time disappointing her by showing up flying at her doorstep, Junseo had tried hard to keep his use to himself, away from her. It was hard to hide the withdrawal symptoms now though, and the cravings were terrible. Without any other options that he could see, Junseo went crawling back to Jinseok.

And with a simple apologize from despite Junseo having done nothing wrong, Jinseok took him back too, happily pushing more drugs on Junseo that Junseo just as happily took. It was much better to stay high than it was to experience those withdrawals again. All the while pushing himself further and further away from his elderly neighbor.

Which meant that the night that Ms. Seo died, Junseo was rolling around high as a kite on the floor of Jinseok's penthouse.

He didn't even find out about the death until a few days later when he saw men coming to take the things out of her house, and tried to stop them. The shock of the news hit him like a ice cold wave, and even the funeral did not seem to make things settle in to any sense of normalcy for him. He went about his day to day life, but was even more distracted than usual, made stupid mistakes, and was given less jobs because he kept dropping the ball. The threat was real that he could be cut, and another boy found to replace him if he couldn't handle muling like he used to.

A bigger threat happened one day when Jinseok's penthouse was ransacked, and the man went missing.

Cops, he thought. Junseo couldn't think of anything else it could be, but he hadn't heard anything on the news about Jinseok's arrest, so he must be safe. He was wrong, of course. Those vampires mentioned briefly above? Well… one of them had decided that Jinseok was promising enough to take into the fold, and Jinseok's old life had been abandoned.

Junseo, in the meantime, waited, positive that if he waited long enough that Jinseok would contact him. But a month went by, he barely scraped together enough to pay rent that he'd never had to deal with before, and Junseo began to really worry. This was the second person in his life to disappear out if it in just an instant.

Deciding to be proactive for once, Junseo began to finally start to search for what happened to Jin Jinseok.

PERSONALITY: If you want a real go getter kind of guy, with a lot of determination and willingness to put hard work into everything he does!!!!! … then Jang Junseo is not your guy. Jang Junseo is about as far from your guy as he can get, honestly. He's the sort of guy to quit the moment things start getting remotely difficult, much less if the going gets really rough. He's the kind of boy that would rather sit at home on his computer playing video games all day than cracking the spines of his textbook and really making progress with his learning.

Though honestly, when he does try to sit down and focus on what he's doing it mostly goes in one ear and out the other. He's not the sort of person that naturally and easily retains knowledge, and while he can memorize formulas and grammar until the cows come home, he can barely work out how to practically apply it all later when it comes time for tests. That's all to say that when it comes to bookwork Junseo is not the brightest bulb in the bunch. Actually, when it comes to just about anything Junseo isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch. It isn't just a study thing, Junseo doesn't have a whole lot of common sense either. He's a naive kid that is easily tricked by the people around him, easily convinced of things, and very easily forgetful. That's not to say he's some overly trusting boy, just that if you tell him something with enough conviction that chances are good he's going to believe you, even if he's got his doubts about you as a person.

This is if he's even listening to what's being said to him at all. Junseo is the kind of guy to space out in the middle of sentence, and even worse about it if he's not the one doing the talking. He has trouble keeping focus for long periods of time, and if there's nothing interesting around to distract him then he'll find something to distract him instead. Someone giving him a long lecture about the importance of recycling? Wow! Look at that ant crawling across the floor over there. So neat…

He's also not particularly observant, which doesn't serve him well either. There's the classic way, like being oblivious to the physical world around, and not realizing people are in his space until they are actively talking to him, but there's the fact that he can't read people or situations either. Unless someone is being very, very obvious with their words, tone, and body language, chances are good that Junseo will entirely miss when someone is feeling strongly one way or another. Someone sad about something that happened? Looking down at their feet, talking in a quieter voice? Nope, they seem fine to him. Someone passive aggressive with him, maybe making a sharp comment or two? He doesn't see anything out of the normal.

It can lead to some very tense moments with other people, that are really only tense on one side of the interaction. It doesn't help that he's got very little in the way of tact, and will bluntly blurt out the first thought that comes to mind whether he should or not. He's atrocious at lying, which is dangerous for a guy in his line of work too, but it's alright, because Junseo's also not a big talker.

He'll carry on a conversation like normal, but he's much happier listening along to another person chatter with an occasional contribution than he is really getting into a big discussion himself. When he does decide to speak up, half of his sentences are less sentences and more vague sounds that aren't actually words. He's a fan of whining when he's tired, or irritated, or sad, or hungry, or confused, or… well, you get the idea.

The lack of talking doesn't help him sound any more intelligent to the people around him (not that him talking really helps his case either), and he's not the only person in the world that doesn't know how to curb harsh words. He gets called an idiot a lot, sometimes it's in exasperated irritation, sometimes it's meant affectionately, but no matter what he's upsettingly used to hearing the word at this point. And while he does his best to let it roll off his back, words hurt. Junseo is a relatively sensitive kid, that used to get very easily bruised by cutting words. His solution? To learn to emotionally shut down. With a very critical father, and a brother that loved to ridicule him, Junseo's only coping mechanism was to learn to do his best to kill emotions, or at least kill emotional reactions, when someone began to make fun of him. When people are trying to hurt him it takes away the satisfaction of seeing a reaction when he blankly stares back at them, unfortunately it also makes him awkward to tease, when a little good natured ribbing will get the exact same reaction.

He's not actually as emotionally dead and apathetic on the inside as he is on the outside though. Over the years his self-esteem has taken several crushing blows, and left him with very little in the way of self worth. Bluntly, Junseo does not like himself, not even a little bit. But he wants to! He wants to be able to like himself, and he looks up confident people that can smile and laugh at jokes told about them, that seem sure of themselves and who they are. He aspires to be a person like that, but can't seem to even hop over the first hurdle.

That may be why he's so deeply enthralled by people who give him praise. Junseo seeks out affectionate words like a beached fish seeks out water, like a dying man in a desert… also seeks out water. The point being, Junseo wants to be praised. He wants someone to ruffle his hair and tell him he did good, that they're proud of his accomplishments, that they know he'll do great in the future. He wants people to believe in him, because he has trouble believing in himself.

And that is, unfortunately where a lot of his parent issues come in. He's got parent issues in the sense that he's got issues with his parents, but he also has parent issues in the way people usually talk about mommy issues or daddy issues… Junseo has both. Junseo likes to spend time with people his own age, he wants to have friends to play games with, and make crude jokes with, but more than anything he wants adults in his life to give him attention. He wants women to treat him like his mother used to, coddle him, nurture him, and make him feel safe and protected from the world. He also wants guys to acknowledge him, approve of the choices he makes and the things he does with his life, which is hard when he's a high school drop out drug mule… Not a lot of people approve of those kind of choices.

The people that do give him that kind of attention are in luck though. If Junseo decides he likes someone he will do his best to stick by them for as long as he can. While he might be an unhelpful boob of a boy for the most part, he does give it his all for the people he cares about. Admittedly, his all still doesn't always amount to much, but he at least puts in the effort! So that's something. He's got a doglike sense of loyalty and commitment, and it takes a lot to break that trust once you've got it. Though, once it's shattered then it's shattered for good, and the chances of getting it back are slim to none.

He's like that in general though. Junseo is the kind of boy that doesn't hold onto anger easily, he doesn't do grudges, and he barely does irritation for longer than a few minutes. It's tiring for him to try to maintain anger for any extended period of time, and he'd rather just shrug off and accept slights tossed his way. He might dislike someone, but rarely, if ever, does he really hate a person. Though if someone manages to get under his skin enough to make him hate them, that hate is never going away.

He's really not a bad kid, but he's not a particular morally upstanding citizen either. He's involved with crime, and doesn't see anything wrong with the highly illegal acts he commits. At the same time he wouldn't ever consider doing something like shop lifting because that's against the law! Make sense to you? Probably not, because his line of thinking doesn't make a lot of sense in general. He's got a weird moral compass that doesn't always work quite right. There are certain rules that he'll stick to following for some arbitrary reason, while he's perfectly fine with breaking others.

At the end of the day what he really is, is an incredibly impressionable young man who with the right guidance might actually turn over a new leaf and do something good with his life… or on the other hand, he might go in the other direction and really skew that broken compass of his.

POWER: Junseo is a normal kid, and has no current powers, however in game he'll be receiving…

Temperature Control
Simply put, the ability to control the temperature of things around him. He could freeze a lake solid, or he could set a wooden building on fire by heating up the wood to a high enough temperature.

It doesn't hurt him to make things colder or hotter, however the after effects will. If he makes an entire room cold, he's going to need a jacket afterwards to be able to sit in it comfortably. If he sets a house on fire… well, here's to hoping he knows where the nearest door is.

He also will not initially have any control over his own abilities. They'll be largely tied into what he's feeling at first, and he'll have to work and practice (ugh!!!) to be able to learn to use them at will.


[ When the camera comes on it's clear that Junseo is trying to film himself, but isn't quite getting it right. For one only about a third of his face is on camera, for another, he doesn't seem to realize how he's supposed to hold this thing.

The only kind of selfie he's taken before is a group selfie, and most people don't trust him enough to hand their phone over to him.


[ He sounds so bright and chipper saying that, but lets things sit for a few seconds after. Looks like he wasn't actually sure where he was going with this one. ]


[ Good effort, little man, maybe a little more to work with here. ]

So, this is another Earth, right? … a different Earth than the Earth I came from probably, because if it wasn't I wouldn't have woken up where I did.

[ Finally moving the camera up a bit-- ah, no too far. Now part of his chin it out of frame. ]

I already know that part though. That wasn't actually the question I wanted to ask, so you don't have to answer it. I just wanted to know if it's possible for us to also be here? Like another world version of us maybe? Because where I am from it's the present--

[ Er wait, will people understand that. ]

Uhm, this is the past? I was born in 2016 is what I mean, so next year will another version of me be born? Or are people who are from the past, but also other worlds have doubles here?

[ A beat. ]

That's mostly it.

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: Test Drive! from… March when I was first planning to app him.

FINAL NOTES: A bullet note informational post about the fake drug he's addicted to. A permissions post will also be put up later for people to opt out of any conversation involving this (and other) uncomfortable/heavy aspects of his backstory.
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
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Withdrawal )
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
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decent precision, not easily broken, can be glamoured over, will wear off over time.

fast, strong, very smart, dangerous.

does not glamour.

extremely fast, incredibly strong, smart, incredibly dangerous.

moderate precision, not easily broken, cannot be glamoured over, does not wear off.

fast, strong, occasionally smart, dangerous.

moderate precision, largely unbreakable, can be glamoured over, will wear off over enough time.

very fast, very strong, relatively smart, dangerous.

no precision, easily broken, wears off quickly, usually a failure that results in the person's brains being scrambled.

extremely fast, mildly strong, not smart, selectively dangerous.

mee noi.
poor precision, not easily broken, can be glamoured over, wears off quickly.

very fast, very strong, smart, incredibly dangerous.

poor precision, easily broken, can be glamoured over, will wear off over time.

not fast, not strong, smart, not dangerous.

extremely precise, completely unbreakable, can be glamoured over but only be people who know what they're doing, works on vampires, will never wear off even after his death.

relatively fast, mildly strong, very smart, incredibly dangerous.

good precision, not easily broken, can be glamoured over, will wear off over a long period of time.

average speed, average strength, smart, selectively dangerous.

sharp precision, largely unbreakable, difficult to glamour over, wears off over time.

fast, very strong, smart, extremely dangerous.
Jang "Dazed and Confused" Junseo
03/28/15 08:41 pm
Jang Junseo (Junseo Jang)


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